The major realization you get when working with 3D is that
creating EVERYTHING is possible.

Unlike a photographer who can only capture what is in front of him, a 3D artist can create whatever you can imagine, at whatever scale,
in whatever color, in varying styles and from a million and one different camera angles...the only actual limitations to a 3D artist is
his/her mind...which has no known limits.

Some say time spent on making something look better is time wasted. We don't. But, we also make sure the work we produce is totally AWESOME!

It's all about you!

You ask us for an image of a purple octopus, with a punk hairstyle and shades, with its tentacles hugging the totality of a planet that looks like the moon, with lights and a disco ball adding to the atmosphere...sure thing!

You then ask us for a visual concept of a futuristic micro chip that is so small it can get embedded on the inside of a human blood vessel. Even though it hasn't been invented yet and even though it would be impossible, and also very messy, to photograph...we consider it pretty much our daily bread and butter.

We can transform ANY ideas into photo-realistic 3D visuals and animations.

In a nutshell

As the name says, our creativity takes us from the ink in a pen, to the pixels on a computer. This, we believe, is the secret to great 3D, where the result is still initially create by hand, and then finished to perfection on a digital platform.